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["mam"] = "Mam", ["man"] = "Mandingo", ["map-ata-pro"] = "Proto-Atayalic", ["nsw"] = "Navut", ["nsx"] = "Nsongo", ["nsy"] = "Nasal", ["nsz"] = "Nisenan", ["ntd"] .. ["rms"] = "Romanian Sign Language", ["rmt"] = "Domari", ["rmu"] = "Tavringer  Missing: rta ‎wagga. Many of the subtags defined in the Language Subtag Registry are based on Mandingo Added: Scope: macrolanguage %% Type: language Added: %% Type: language Subtag: rms Description: Romanian Sign.

man Mandingo Mandingo. maq Chiquihuitlán nsw Navut Navut. nsx Nsongo .. rmq Caló Caló. rms Romanian Sign Language Romanian Sign Language.

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mandingo rta wagga wagga